Dice Blitz

Dice Blitz

Designed by: Mike Berg

A frantic and fast-paced game inspired by the likes of Dutch Blitz, Bananagrams, and Speed.


  • Shuffle the entire deck and place one card in the centre of the play area.
  • Put one card back in the box.
  • Deal all the remaining cards into two piles.
  • Each player takes a pile and draws five cards.


  • When ready, someone says GO. All play is simultaneous.
  • Play cards from your hand into a grid on the table, like a scrabble board.
  • You may draw back up to five cards in your hand at any time.
  • Cards must be played in a row or column.
  • Each row must be a sequence of the same colour (6 wraps to 1) . 
  • Each column must be the same number of any colour.
  • There is no limit to the length of a row or column, except the edge of the table. If you get to the edge of the table you can’t play a card there. Playing on the floor instead of a table is allowed; your play space will be pretty big.
  • If at any point, neither player can play, you both simultaneously draw another card. This temporarily increases the hand limit.

Game End

  • The first player to play all their cards wins.
  • If you get to a point where neither player can play at all, the player with the fewest cards left in their hand and deck wins.
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