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1 player • 60 minutes • ages 10+

You have landed with 3 other specialists on a distant planet; future home of a new civilization. You’ve barely set up the core of your base when a proximity alarm sounds — an incoming meteorite storm is on course to obliterate your new base! You might just have time to activate the shield generator…

A small-box card-based worker placement game that challenges you and your team to build a self-sustaining base with a powerful shield generator in the hostile environment of a distant exoplanet, before a coming meteorite storm.

  • Mine resources, harvest water, and grow food by adding new modules onto your base.
  • Balance your focus between upgrading your base and training your founders in specialized skills.
  • To survive, increase your production and power up the shield generator before the storm hits!
ExoBase - Components
ExoBase - How to Play

Learn to play in under 8 minutes:

ExoBase - Starting Layout

  • Work to gather resources
  • Build additions onto your base
  • Upgrade locations to produce more resources automatically
ExoBase - the four core locations
8 Upgradable Characters

Each worker pawn represents one of 8 unique characters; four are used in each game. Upgrade their skills as you play to customize them further.

2 Difficulty Levels

For a longer, more difficult game, simply flip the Time, Production, and Hazard cards. Be careful with how many abilities you take, you’ll need most cards as locations, for production!