ExoShip is a solo 18-card standalone prequel to ExoBase.

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Plan, Influence, Evade

You are aboard a massive starship on Earth’s first interstellar journey to found a colony on a distant exoplanet. There are whispers that all is not as it seems… you must raise a resistance to take control of the ship and change its course before you all arrive at the wrong planet!

It will take careful planning and diligence; the journey is long, and generations will pass before arrival. Can you sway enough founders to join the uprising known as Rift? The watchful eyes of the Directorate are vigilant and resourceful… you must build your numbers in secret, right under their noses.

How to Play ExoShip
As the ship moves forward, the elder generation dies and a new generation is born.

Each column of founders under the ship represents a generation. As the ship progresses on its journey, everyone on the ship ages; the oldest generation dies and a new generation is born.

Use the influence arrow on Rift cards to sway fellow crew members to join your cause.

Carefully plan your influence to sway as many founders to your cause as possible.

Be aware, the Directorate is always watching... Rift members have been known to vanish without a trace.

Be careful to avoid suspicion; Rift must grow in number without being detected by the Directorate!

Take control of the Captain's seat to change course, and sway enough Rift members before arrival, to overthrow the Directorate!

To win the game, you must not only take control of the captain’s chair to change course, but also have enough Rift supporters to stay the course. Good luck!

2 Difficulty Levels
Flip the ship card during setup to increase the difficulty and/or the origin card for an alternate starting setup.

The ship and starting planet cards can both be flipped for alternate game modes.

The hard mode on the ship card requires a specific arrangement of founders onboard before you can deploy the ring, engage the thrusters, and change course.

Starting the game from Mars allows you to insert a sleeper Rift agent onto the ship before it embarks.

ExoShip launches January 1st, 2024; sign up to be notified.