Dungeon Pages - Dungeon Combiner for Affinity Publisher

Dungeon Combiner

Dungeon Pages is a fantastic roll-n-write from PNP Arcade, with a wealth of content. The beauty of it is you can combine the hero from any page with the dungeon from any other page.

I made a document in Affinity Publisher that allows you to easily select a hero and dungeon. You can then print it, or export it as a PNG and open it on your tablet. If all-digital is your thing, there’s also an excellent fan-made dice roller you can load right in your phone’s browser.

The file requires Affinity Publisher version 2.


  1. Open the file in Affinity Designer 2.
  2. Select the top half of the page and click the “Replace Image” button at the left side of the top toolbar.
  3. Select the PDF you want to use for the top.
  4. If the PDF you selected has multiple pages, double-click the object on the page. The toolbar at the top will change context, and you will see a “Spread” popup that lets you pick which page you want to use.
  5. Repeat for the bottom.
  6. Select “File > Export” and choose your export options.