Designed by: Mike Berg

Place cards within a 5×5 grid to create sets or sequences of your colour; red cards can be used by either player and count double!


  • Separate the white, black, and red dice cards. One player takes white, the other black. Shuffle the red cards and deal them equally to each player. Each player shuffles all their cards together.
  • Each player draws three cards.

Each Turn

  • Place a card from your hand in a grid on the table. Placed cards must be connected to an existing card (orthogonally or diagonally adjacent) and cannot be played on top of another card.
  • You may not play a card in such a way that it would make the play area larger than 5×5.
  • Draw a card.

Score a Set

  • If you have three connected cards of your colour in play that are the same number, or are in a sequence (6 wraps to 1), pick them up and put them in a scoring pile near you.
    • Connected cards forming a set do not have to be in a straight line.
  • Red cards can be scored by either player, and are worth double. 
    • You may not score a set on the turn you play a red card.
  • It’s possible to score more than one set in a turn.

Game End

  • Once all cards have been played, count the cards in your scoring pile: black/white cards are one point, red cards are two points. The highest score wins!
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