In Dreams - A slightly surreal storytelling game for one.

In Dreams Cards

These instructions are for using the cards; click here to return to the main In Dreams page.

Use the deck of cards on by following these steps:

This is a shared table; copy it so that you have your own deck:

1. Click the “Edit Table” button:

2. In the drawer that appears, click the “Room Options” tab.

3. Scroll down and click the “COPY ROOM” button.

4. Give your room a name and click the “COPY” button to create it.

5. There will be another box that appears with your room’s name on it. Click the OPEN button to open it.


  • Once you’ve dragged a card from the deck, click it to flip the card. 
  • After you’ve created the table, you can access it on any device (it works great on tablets).

Alternatively, download the .pcio file:

This file will let you use the “Import from File” button, shown above, to import the room.