Designed by: Matt Soucy

Bid with limited resources to add red cards to your hand. Bid *using* red cards to score points.

“Ofertu” (oh-FEHR-too) is the Esperanto word for “bid” or “offer”.


The goal is to collect the most red scoring cards… but you can only win them by bidding with red cards.


Divide the deck into the three colour suits and shuffle each. Set the red deck in the middle of the table, to the side; draw five red cards and place them in a row beside the draw pile. This is the auction row. Leave room on the other side of the draw pile for a discard pile.

Each player randomly chooses one of the other two decks. The player with the black deck is the starting player for the first round.

Each round

  • Each player draws from their personal deck until they have five cards.
  • Placing one card at a time, players take turns placing a total of three cards from their hand face down in front of any card in the auction row, as bids.
    • You may add a card to an existing bid; bidding multiple cards on a single auction card.
  • Once six player cards are placed, the bids are revealed one by one, in order starting from the White Deck player’s left. The highest bid wins that red card.
    • The red auction card goes into the winner’s hand. This is a special bidding card to use for future bids.
    • If the winning bid used a red card as part of the bid, then the card being bid on goes face-up into the winning player’s victory display instead. These cards count as points.
    • In the event of a tie, both players may choose one card from their hand to act as a tiebreaker. If neither player has cards in their hand, or neither player bids again, then the bids for that red card are both discarded.
    • Black and white cards used as bids are discarded. Red cards used as bids go into the auction row discard pile.
  • The player who won the most bids that round becomes the starting player for the next round. In case of a tie, count the pips on the cards that were won; the player with highest number becomes the starting player.
  • Fill the plateau to 5 red cards, face up

Game end

Continue playing until either player has no more cards available to bid with. If necessary, shuffle the red discard to refill the red deck.

When one player runs out of cards, the other may not make more bids. Both players must have an equal number of bids.

Whoever has the most pips on the red cards in their victory display is the winner!

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