Planetary Defence System

Designed by: Mike Berg

In this solo deckbuilder, a large group of meteors are heading straight for earth! Build up your defence system to ward them off before they strike.

Card Types

Red  cards deal damage to enemy cards, when played from your hand.
White cards are credits, and allow you to buy new cards from the row when played from your hand.
Black cards are meteors. Damage these with red cards from your hand to remove them from play.


  • Create your starting deck: White – three 1’s, three 2’s. Red – three 1’s, one 2. Shuffle this and set it aside, forming your draw pile.
  • Shuffle the remaining cards and set them aside, forming the space pile.
  • Deal five cards from the space pile face-up in a row.
  • Draw five cards from your draw pile into your hand.

Each Turn


  • Play cards from your hand in front of you. These are your total credits and/or damage for the turn. Use these credits and damage in any combination and in any order. You can take a number of actions; see Actions, below.


  • Draw five new cards from the space deck and place them in the row. These are placed on top of any cards remaining in the row; shift them slightly downward so that you can see the card underneath, forming five columns. 
  • If there are no cards left in the space pile, place the scrap pile above the leftmost column. During each advancement phase, move the scrap pile one column to the right.


  • Discard unplayed cards and draw five new cards. If your draw pile is empty, shuffle your discard pile to form a new draw pile.


  • Buy a white or red card from the row by spending credits equal to the value of the card(s) that you purchase. Unused credits do not carry over to the next turn. Purchased cards go into your discard pile.
  • Attack a meteor in the row by spending damage points equal to the value of the card(s) that you attack. Unused damage does not carry over to the next turn. Defeated meteors go into the scrap pile.
  • Engage shield. Spend 5 damage points to draw half the cards (rounded up) during the next advancement phase. Place each card, one at a time, on the column with the fewest cards. If there is a tie, move left-to-right. If there are no cards left in the space deck, the shield does nothing.
  • Buy an action for 3 credits. Spend 3 credits to do any one of the following actions. You can do this as many times per turn as you can afford.
    • Move a card in the row to an adjacent column.
    • Scrap an unplayed card from your hand. Scrapped cards go into the scrap pile.
    • Draw a card.

Note: Actions may only affect cards that are topmost on any pile; you may not interact with a card in the row that is below another card.

Game End

If you remove all the meteors before the scrap pile reaches the fifth column during the advancement phase, you win!

Hard Mode

After the Action Phase, include the Damage Phase:


  • If there is at least one black card on top of any of the columns in the row, reveal the top card of the space deck. If it is a red or white card, scrap it. If it’s a black card, put it back on top of the deck.
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