Process Of Elimination

Process of Elimination

Designed by: Jamie Thul

You don’t know what team you’re on, but you might be able to figure out from talking with others. Can you eliminate the players on the other teams and protect your teammates?


Shuffle the deck and deal a card to each player. Players should hold the card facing out so they cannot see their own card but all other players can see it.


Your card’s colour determines what team you’re on. The rank determines your speed and how valuable you are to your team. A low rank is faster and a high rank is more valuable.


Play proceeds as follows:

Set a timer for three minutes. During this time, players may openly discuss the game and others’ cards, truthful or not, but may never look at their own card. Players may also point at another player they intend to eliminate, and may adjust their target.

When the timer ends, all players should loudly count “THREE, TWO, ONE” and point at another target player. When the countdown is done, players may no longer change their target.

Game End

All players now place their card face up on the table. Each rank from 1-6 called. When a rank is called, all players with that rank eliminate their target and then stop pointing. If a player is eliminated before their rank is called, they should stop pointing and will not get to eliminate a target.

Once all eliminations are complete, each team should add up the ranks of all non-eliminated players on their team. Whichever team has the highest total wins!

Elimination Example

The game setup and pointing after the countdown are pictured below.

1 goes first and eliminates a 5. 2s act next and they eliminate both 4s.

There are no 3s or 4s remaining, so the remaining 5 acts, but their target is already eliminated, so nothing happens.

Lastly, the 6 eliminates a 2.

White team wins with a total of 9 vs black team’s total of 5 and red team’s total of 0.

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