Put yourself into Office High-Five

Office High-Five: Up Top

I’m looking to add a load of office worker characters to Office High-Five, so that the player can high-five a wide variety of awesome co-workers, like the above versions of @pbhogan and @owengoss.

During the game jam where Office High-Five was born, it was a lot of fun involving other developers by recording their voices saying things like “Booya!”, “Righteous!”, and “That was a fine high-five, sir.” I want to open this up to a wider group of people.

If you would like to appear in the game, send me a photo of yourself and a (short) sound recording of what you would like your character to say when they get high-fived by the player. If I like your soundbite, I’ll add it to the game with a character based on your picture!

For some examples of sound bites that others have submitted, you can play it on GameJolt.

Recording tips

  • If you have a “real” microphone, it would be great to use it, but I’ve done a bunch with the built-in mic on my MacBook, so as long as there’s not background noise, it’ll probably be ok.
  • Save it as an uncompressed AIF or WAV file.
  • Most importantly: Keep it positive! Office High-Five will have a very upbeat, positive vibe. Play an early version of the game here, to get a feel for what I’m going for.

Audacity is a good free cross-platform audio tool, if you need something to record with.

Send ’em in

  • photo
  • sound bite
  • your twitter handle (if you have one)
  • preference for clothing colours (I reserve the right to change this)
  • if you have something that might be “you”, like a hoodie, backpack or other item that might be able to be represented at that scale (maybe even a pet!). This may or may not make it into the game, but it’s good to know. : )
  • If you have a video game character that might be a suitable addition, let me know! I might even be able to squeeze in a link to your game somewhere.

Email me here to get in touch; I’ll reply so that you can send a “real” email with attachments. Please only send one; I will only be doing one per person. I reserve the right to pick and choose which ones make it into the game. Those that get used will have their names appear on the credits screen.

Some finished product

view the project for this piece: