Set 7

Set 7

Designed by: Matt Soucy

A Blackjack-style push-your-luck game.


The goal is to make sets of cards that total up to 7, without busting the hand.


  • Deal 2 cards face-up to each player.
  • Going clockwise around the table, each player can choose Hit or Stay.
  • Hit: The dealer deals one new card face-up to that player.
    • If the player has 2 cards of each color, or 4 cards of any one color, they immediately bust and earn 0 points for the round.
  • Stay: The player is finished for the round and takes no more cards.


  • Each player earns 1 point for each of their sets of cards that total 7.
  • Sets can include more than two cards.
  • Each card may only be used for one set.

The first player to earn 7 total points is the winner. In case of a tie, the participants of the tie play another round until the tie is broken.

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