The Collector

The Collector

Designed by: Mike Berg

A tri-peaks-style collection solitaire game.


  • Separate the red cards; shuffle both piles. 
  • Deal the black and white cards face down into six stacks in a row; flip the top card face up.
  • Place the red cards face down. This is your draw pile. Flip one card and place it beside the draw pile to start your collection pile.
Setup diagram


Gameplay is similar to Tripeaks Solitaire:

  • The top card of your collection pile is always the currently active card. Each turn, take a card from the stacks that is one higher or one lower than your active card, and add it to your collection pile. Note: six wraps to one.
  • When you take a card from a stack, flip the new top card of that stack.
  • You must take a card that is the same colour as your currently active card. If you take a different colour, you must discard a penalty card from your draw pile.
  • If you cannot take a card at all, draw a red card from your draw pile and place it on top of your collection. Then draw another red card and place it face-up on top of any stack of your choice.
  • Red cards are wild; you do not have to discard a penalty card when changing colours to or from a red card.

Game End

  • If you need to draw or discard a card from the draw pile and it is empty, you lose.
  • If you collect all the black and white cards, you win!
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