Threeport Shipping

Threeport Shipping

Designed by: Mike Berg

Rival captains pilot their ships between three islands, picking up and selling cargo for the best rates.

Requires: pencil and paper for keeping score.


  • Find a white 1, 2, and 3. Create a stack with the 3 on the bottom and the 1 on the top. This is your first island.
  • Repeat for black and red, so that you have three different-coloured islands. Space them out so there’s a fair amount of room between them.
  • Shuffle the deck and deal one card, face-up and horizontally, onto each island.
  • Deal one card, face-down and horizontally, to each player. These are your boats, and they start near you; not at any one island yet.
  • Randomly determine the starting player.

Turn Sequence

Each turn you must take one action:

  • Move your boat to any island. Note: On your first turn this is the only available action.
  • Load cargo from your current island onto your boat.
    • Take the top cargo card from the stack at your current island and place it on your boat.
    • If you take the last cargo card from an island, deal one new card from the deck to all islands, stacking them so that you can see the card below. If the draw pile is empty, shuffle the discard pile to form a new draw pile.
    • Your boat has a maximum capacity of three cards.
  • Sell cargo from your boat to the island.
    • You can only sell cargo that matches the colour of the island you are at.
    • You may sell up to three cards at once.
    • The order of cards on your boat doesn’t matter. For example: if you have black/red/black stacked on your boat, you can sell both black cards.
    • The price of your sale is equal to the value of each of the cards, plus the island bonus.
    • The island bonus is equal to the value of the current island card. You receive this bonus for each card in a single sale. For example: If the island bonus is currently 1 and you sell a 3 and a 4, your total sale is 3 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 9.
    • Sold cargo cards are discarded.

Upgrading Islands

Islands are upgraded when a sale is made there that includes a number of cards that is equal to or greater than the island’s current level. When an island is upgraded, discard the top card from the island’s pile.

For example: When any sale is made at a level 1 island, that island is upgraded; the 1 is discarded revealing the 2 below. To upgrade a level 2 island, you must sell at least two cards at once.

When a sale of 3 cards happens at a level 3 island, calculate the score from the sale, then discard the island and any cards on it. Remove all cards of that island’s colour from the game. In subsequent turns, if a card of that colour is drawn from the deck, discard it and draw a new one.

Game End

When two islands have been removed, the game ends immediately. The player with the highest score wins!

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