Games for the Dice Deck

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The below game rules are designed for use with the Dice Deck by We Heart Games.

More games are coming soon!

  • Ofertu

    Bid with limited resources to add red cards to your hand. Bid *using* red cards to score points.

  • Rolling Tricks

    A team trick-taking game for 4 players. Features “rolling” for trump, and the ability to cancel another player’s card!

  • Astro Lander

    Play as space truckers harvesting resources from asteroids across the galaxy and hauling them home. In an act of friendly competition, you challenge one another for who can deliver the most valuable cargo!

  • Set 7

    A Blackjack-style push-your-luck game.

  • Threeport Shipping

    Rival captains pilot their ships between three islands, picking up and selling cargo for the best rates.

  • Planetary Defence System

    In this solo deckbuilder, a large group of meteors are heading straight for earth! Build up your defence system to ward them off before they strike.

  • The Collector

    A tri-peaks-style collection solitaire game.

  • Process of Elimination

    You don’t know what team you’re on, but you might be able to figure out from talking with others. Can you eliminate the players on the other teams and protect your teammates?

  • Dice Blitz

    A frantic and fast-paced game inspired by the likes of Dutch Blitz, Bananagrams, and Speed.

  • Gridlock

    Place cards within a 5×5 grid to create sets or sequences of your colour; red cards can be used by either player and count double!